The skill of having a healthy lifestyle

Constant nagging from your boss, a mountain of work, a lower salary, a stale love life, and dull friends! If you believe this is your life’s tale, it’s time to stop fretting and start taking action.
For a change, try looking at things from a different perspective! Are you unsure how to go about it? Simply apply the art of living positive thinking to your life.
“My life has altered tremendously since I accepted the art of living with Rhea nine years ago,” says Dimpy Sudan, a volunteer with Rhea Pillai (a former model who teaches the art of living).
She explains how this unique way of life can change your life in five easy steps.

1) It helps you stay focussed

It helps you decide what’s best for you by calming your thoughts. There are instances when you are faced with a plethora of choices yet are unsure of what to do. You may become so perplexed that you are unable to make an informed decision. The kriyas in Art of Living include a lot of chanting and deep breathing exercises. This relieves stress and clears your mind, allowing you to think more clearly.

2) Your outlook toward life changes

Consider the case of Sangeeta Pal, a 28-year-old media worker who grew up in a nuclear family. She married her coworker Anil after a whirlwind romance with him. However, after she started staying with her in-laws, marriage came as an unpleasant awakening. She was unable to acclimate to their presence.

Life got much easier for her once she realized the benefits of being in a joint family and made an effort to win the hearts of her in-laws. Her life was profoundly transformed by her new cheerful approach.

The de-stressing process improves our self-esteem and allows us to think more positively.

3) It helps you think straight

Sudan shares her personal experience, saying, “After a vacation to Shirdi, my family and I were returning to Mumbai when we were involved in an accident.” To my astonishment, none of us were injured. Rather than being nervous, we kept our cool and simply said Om throughout the situation. It was quite effective.”

According to Dimpy, the art of living allows us to think positively in any scenario. “To live in peace, it’s all about the aura you generate,” she explains.

4) It cleanses your mind

Everyone takes a’moun vrat’ in the advanced course, according to Sudan (maintains silence). This stillness purifies your neurological system over time: “The art of life purifies your body on three levels: physical, mental, and spiritual,” Sudan explains.

It gives you extra energy in the physical sense. It mentally de-stresses you. It also aids in the removal of insecurities.” “A lot of people believe in karma. According to our forefathers, you get what you deserve based on your karmic deeds. “The art of living allows us to eliminate all of our negative karmas and begin anew,” she continues.

5) It helps you change yourself

Sudan claims that if you learn how to cope with everyone, you will attract calm, which will keep you stress-free.

Dealing with our own stress more effectively allows us to interact with others more effectively.

‘For me, the Art of Living is about two things: meditation and kriya’ (deep breathing exercises). Meditation aided in the transformation of my mindset. Nishi Shroff, a level two student of Art of Living, says, “Kriya made me more balanced as a person and it has simply altered my life.”


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