6 tricks to prepare a delicious yogurt and lemon biscottini

lemon biscottini

When we were growing up, my mom would always make lemon biscottini. This was a sweet, tangy biscottini that she used to make every single morning when she would make a biscottini to take with her to school. Growing up, I never really understood the point of this biscottini, but I really loved the taste of it. It was the perfect pick-me-up that you needed to get you through the day. She would make this biscottini for breakfast and it would be the perfect way for me to start my day.

One of the most classic recipes in our sweet recipe book! So we teach you the best tricks to make this exquisite biscottini so that it is fluffy and tasty at the same time.

This sponge biscottini recipe is one of the most frequently used and most successful, so if you are looking for a dessert or sweet for a special occasion, don’t miss out on these tricks, you will succeed!

Spongy yogurt and lemon biscottini: step by step

Despite the fact that making biscottini is not one of the most difficult tasks in the world of confectionery, there are certain recommendations that you can apply during the process so that your yogurt and lemon biscottini is irresistibly fluffy.

1. Ingredients at room temperature

Whatever the biscottini you want to cook, the ingredients should always be at room temperature so that, when mixed, all the ingredients integrate evenly and perfectly.

2. Extra fluffy yogurt and lemon biscottini

This trick does not fail! Beating the whites and the yolks separately and with a few rods is the best recommendation to achieve that desired fluffiness in all the biscottini.

Make sure that the whites are stiff, and combine the result with the already beaten yolks so that it integrates perfectly.

3. Sift the flour

To prevent your biscottini dough from being grainy, the best option will be to sift the flour for a softer and fluffier result. Don’t skip it!

4. What kind of yogurt can I use to make lemon yogurt biscottini?

Both the variety of Greek and natural yogurts are optimal for making this recipe, although if we have to choose only one, we recommend that it be the Greek one, due to the soft texture that it will give the biscottini.

Of course, do not use sugary, sweetened or fruit- or honey-based yogurts, as these flavors would spoil the authentic flavor of this recipe, leaving it too sweet or with an aroma of another fruit that is not lemon.

5. The moment to include the lemon

The lemon zest is the last step you should do before baking your biscottini.

Once you have the ingredients mixed into a homogeneous mass, grate the rind of a lemon and mix again to fully integrate it.

6. The measurements of the recommended mold for a yogurt and lemon biscottini

Not all kitchen molds lend themselves to most recipes and, specifically, to cook the yogurt and lemon biscottini, the ideal is to use one that is not very tall and approximately 20 centimeters in diameter.

Thanks to these measures we will achieve that the biscotti is well cooked in the central part without burning the surface.

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