What is CAPF?

The phrase “Central Armed Police Forces” ( CAPF ) cites the standard nomenclature used by India’s seven central armed police forces, which are overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs. They must protect the country’s interests, mostly from attacks from within. 

Every year, the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) administers a test for the recruitment of Assistant Commandants (Group A) in the Central Armed Police Forces.

Here, with this specific write-up, aspirants will get to know a lot about CAPF Test. 

What is the Syllabus for CAPF? 

Now, coming onto the CAPF Syllabus, We are going to discuss that below ;

 There are three phases for this reputed Test. They are as follows;

  • Written Test  
  • Physical Test
  • Quiz 

There are two papers in the UPSC CAPF examination. General Ability & Intelligence are encompassed in UPSC CAPF Paper-I, while General Studies, Essay & Comprehension are encompassed in UPSC CAPF Paper-II. 

The first paper is factual-type problems. To achieve the desired results, candidates must achieve accuracy and proficiency. If the applicants give incorrect answers to the questions, they are likely to lose marks. They must complete the UPSC CAPF AC curriculum on time so that they can practice the previous year’s exams and mock tests.

Paper 2  is descriptive and must be answer by the Commission’s guidelines. It carries a 200-point weighting and assesses essay writing, comprehension, and language skills. It is important to note that only those applicants. Who achieve the cut-off marks in Paper 1 will be consider for Paper 2. 

To finish the exam efficiently and within the time limit, aspirants must brush up on English grammar and practice writing essays on the relevant themes regularly.

What are the Eligibility Norms for CAPF? 

Now, we are going to illustrate and talk about the eligibility norms of CAPF. They are cited below ;

  • CAPF Test aspirants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any government-recognized discipline. 
  • He or she must have attained the age of 20 years. The aspirant’s ultimate age must be 25 years old. 
  • UPSC has specified distinct medical norms for applying for the desired post through the CAPF Test. 
  • Aspirants who have been previously select base on the CAPF exam are not eligible to participate in the test.
  • There may be some exceptions, such as when UPSC treats an aspirant who lacks any of the above-mentioned criteria as a qualified aspirant if they have passed an examination administered by another institution whose standard supports their eligibility. 
  • This specific Test is also open to Nepalese and Bhutanese citizens. 
  • Aspirants of other nationalities will not be nominate or employe in the Armed Police Forces unless the Central Government has given their agreement in inscribing. 

All the aspirants who are studying for these exams must be dedicate to their studies and put up a significant amount of effort. Aspirants can learn about the exam pattern, study strategy, preparation suggestions, sample tests, and expert-recommended topics from BYJU Exam Prep. It will assist you in achieving success.  We wish you tremendous wishes for your dreams! 


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