Top 10 Tips To Create A Great Instagram Marketing Strategy

Tips To Create A Great Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you keen to market your brand on Instagram? Having emerged as a world-famous photo-sharing platform, Instagram is being increasingly leveraged by businesses for marketing purposes. Given that people of all age groups use Instagram, the platform’s popularity is increasing rapidly. A newly published Instagram Statistic suggests that Instagram is expected to have about 1.2 billion registered users by 2023.

What’s great about Instagram marketing is that it is easy to implement and does not demand a huge investment. Surprising as it may sound, a laptop and net connection is all you need to get started with Instagram marketing. Now that every other marketer is striving to make a mark on Instagram, you will have to get your creative juices flowing or you can subscribe to Showcase IDX’s service which is fastest growing lead gen sites using Showcase IDX’s North Texas Real Estate information Services (NTREIS) plugin to stand out. Without more delay, we will uncover the top 10 tips that will help you build a foolproof marketing strategy for Instagram.

1. Leverage an Instagram video editor

When it comes to Instagram marketing, making quality video content becomes a must. Marketing videos that are nicely edited possess the potential to take your brand to the next level. The cool part is that you don’t have to hire a professional to produce top-notch videos. Instead, you just have to deploy an online Instagram video maker for making classy videos. Depending on your preferences, you can start from scratch or employ a pre-made template for your videos.

The finest online editors boast a tremendous selection of 5000+ Instagram video templates to simplify things for you. You can add zing to your marketing content with trendy effects and transitions. Online video editors also feature media libraries where you can find a plethora of amazing sound effects and background tracks for your Instagram videos. 

2. Switch to a business profile quickly

Switching to a business profile is the quickest way to turbocharge your marketing strategy. A business profile can give you access to valuable insights, thus making it easier for you to understand your audience’s online behaviour. Another great thing is that a business profile automatically facilitates the inclusion of a contact button on your Instagram page. Your followers can click on the contact button to reach out to your brand whenever the need arises. 

However, you must fill out all the details on your page so that people know what your business ideology is all about. The profile picture and username of your business profile must resonate well with your brand personality. Also, see to it you enrich your Instagram bios with some valuable information that will compel people to learn more about your business. 

3. Promote your products on Instagram stories 

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best places to market your brand offerings. You should use Instagram stories to spread the word about your upcoming products. Your product teasers must pique curiosity in people. Make it a point to include powerful CTAs in your teasers that encourage people to make the purchase. You must think outside the box and come up with new ideas instead of repeatedly sharing the same type of content. So, unleash your creativity and bring variety into your content every time you share a new story to ensure maximum user engagement.

4. Track important Instagram metrics

You cannot tweak your Instagram marketing plan without knowing how your strategy is performing in the first place. This is why you must keep an eye on essential metrics like engagement rate, post reach, follower count, number of likes, etc. Instagram statistic analysis will enable you to effectively measure the performance of your account. 

5. Come up with interactive Instagram posts

If you want your marketing campaign to succeed, you must encourage audience participation with interactive posts. Asking questions in your posts is one of the most common ways to interact with followers. You can also conduct quizzes and contests on Instagram to invite audience participation. Interactive posts will not only improve overall engagement levels but will also earn your brand more conversions.

6. Post high-quality content consistently

Posting quality content regularly is key to building brand recognition. Content that is fun and relatable can boost user engagement to a great extent. You should focus on sharing fresh and unique content that will not bore your audience. While your content should always be centered on your brand and industry, your posts must cover a variety of relevant topics to keep people’s attention hooked. 

Interesting and informational content will keep people glued to your page. Also, you must avoid over-posting content as this may prove disadvantageous for your brand in the long run. For example, people may unfollow you if you constantly bombard their Instagram feed with your marketing posts.

7. Collaborate with social influencers

Partnering with renowned social influencers is a sure-shot way to enjoy a wider reach on Instagram. Start by looking for influencers who have a large audience base that is likely to be interested in your brand offerings. Collaboration with top influencers will increase the popularity of your brand faster than expected. You must put in efforts to build a strong bond with influencers to up your marketing game. 

8. Tap into the power of user-generated content

Marketers often make the mistake of underestimating the power of user-generated content. You must harness the potential of UGC as it can drive higher engagement and make your brand more trustworthy in the sight of people. User-generated content could include any content type like videos, text, pictures, etc.

9. Consider running ads on Instagram

Just like Facebook, Instagram gives brands the ability to run sponsored ads for their intended target audience. Advertisements show up on the feeds of people who have previously expressed interest in similar ads. Perfect for marketing products, Insta ads can quickly help businesses generate new leads. 

10. Use catchy and relevant hashtags

Hashtags are indubitably a vital aspect of every marketer’s Instagram strategy.

Hashtags are important because they allow users to find your content easily. Besides boosting your content’s visibility, hashtags can raise brand awareness alongside amping up your SEO efforts. Look for hashtags that are trending on Instagram and use them in your posts to reach bigger audiences in less time. The right choice of hashtags will go a long way in helping your brand gain new followers.


Used by a whopping 78% of marketers, Instagram has lately become the best platform for business promotion. The platform’s massive user base spells a boon for businesses raring to market their products to larger audiences. However, the overwhelming number of marketers online has resulted in fierce competition. This is where a smart Instagram marketing strategy can come to your rescue.

If executed correctly, Instagram marketing can pave the way for more conversions in a short time span. Therefore, make sure you implement all the smart tips listed above to master the art of Instagram marketing with minimal effort.

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