TikViral: TikTok’s New Features And Updates: 2022


TikTok is one of the tremendous apps among other social media platforms. TikTok is consistently updating with new features to make the user experience better. If you are a content creator, it is an excellent opportunity to utilize the new features to make your video’s appearance attractive. You can enhance your visibility by using the features of TikTok. You can also opt to get free tiktok views to upgrade your post’s reach among the TikTok users. You might also know that 2022 is a turbulent year and has changed the digital world where TikTok plays a lead role. So, to leverage TikTok’s new feature, just update your TikTok app, which is present on your mobile. Now, in this article, let’s start to know more about the new features of TikTok and its updates briefly.

Inbox Update

You might notice that TikTok’s inbox is changed a lot, and many features are updated in the new version. It has 3 new options and they are contacts, new followers, and activity:

  1. You can find all the contacts on your phone in the contact section.
  2. You can see all the people who have started to follow your account in the new follower section.
  3. The third option is the activity session, where you can check your profile’s activity.

So, you can easily engage your target audience using these inbox updates.

Favorites Button

TikTok users can now save their favorite videos from the ‘For you page.’ If you want to save your favorite video, tap the ‘save’ button, and the video will be saved in the favorite section. You can access them by clicking the favorite section to use them. You can also sort the videos that are saved to get better navigation. Moreover, you can also save the effects, sounds, and other things you want. So, use the save button and access them in the favorite section.

Insight Platform

TikTok has recently launched a new marketing tool to support the creators and marketers to know the demographics of their audience. TikTok creators and marketers use this tool to check their audience’s interest and behavior. So, they improve their video content and gain a lot of exposure for their brands/accounts quickly with the help of this update. Therefore, if you want to gain more views, then use this insight platform. You can also utilize TikViral to escalate your online presence. In addition, there is also a feature to delete irrelevant data from your wanted insights, so you can easily target your audience.

Branded Mission

A branded mission is a place where marketers can turn the best videos into ads, or they can use them for marketing. TikTok creators can also partner with managers and brands to earn more money from this platform. Meanwhile, you should also focus on specific requirements for making your video accepted on this branded mission platform. Therefore, utilizing this feature on TikTok medium can increase brand sales and enhance content creators’ fame.

New Camera Effects

You can open your camera and select the ‘Effects’ tab to get the new camera effects. A bunch of background effects and faces are available to make your videos look more attractive to the audience. Some of the new effects are rainbow hats, funny sunglasses, funny makeup, and so on. You can use any of the effects to create more interesting videos to bring a good positive vibe among the viewers. In addition, it will also increase your followers. So, use the new camera effects to gain the benefits mentioned above.

Digital Wellbeing Care

Many people spend more time on this TikTok medium to gain fruitful information using smartphones. So, TikTok cares for the well-being of its users to maintain a positive relationship with them. So, it offers them a screen break time for scheduling a reminder. You can set a reminder to indicate you to take the break every after 30 minutes. So, this new feature helps users with their well-being. Therefore, if you want to lead a good healthy life without any problems, use this digital well-being care feature of TikTok.

View History

TikTok is launching this feature to support the users to know their insights and those who viewed their profiles. It is somewhat similar to the Linkedin feature, where people will receive notifications when someone viewed their profile. However, you can only use these insights to know the users you follow and those who follow you back. Therefore, leverage this view history feature and know them.

Last Glance

TikTok is updating itself with more features nowadays to support its users. You can utilize these new updates and features to boost your post’s reach among the audience. Additionally, you can use TikViral to amplify your popularity. But, above all, you must first know the present features and updates to gain more benefits. So, utilize this article and know the recent updates of TikTok to make your brand/ account familiar among the users.

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