Instagram is Planning to Make Every Video a Reel

Instagram is Planning to Make Every Video a Reel

Again, it’s clear that Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok. Every video on the site will become a Reel according to the social media juggernaut in order to attract a larger audience on Facebook and Instagram.

The information was provided by social media expert Matt Navarra, who published a screenshot revealing Meta’s ambitions for Instagram Reels. Additionally, a representative for Meta wrote the following to TechCrunch:

We’re testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.

The screenshot indicates that all Instagram videos would be shared as Reels. The organisation anticipates greater interaction as a result of moving all movies to Reels. Additionally, users will be able to remix any videos and add video effects, music, and other elements to Reels. Other users are free to download your Reels and incorporate your original audio into their own remixes.

It is uncertain if the modification will be made public since it is only being tested at this time. Additionally, it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to share longer videos again that last up to 10 minutes and what will happen to all the currently available videos on the platform (or even 60 minutes for verified accounts).

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