A Detailed Overview of mesmerizing watch: Huawei watch GT3 Pro

With Huawei’s global arrival of the Watch, GT3 Pro was announced. By 2022 it is the company’s flagship wearable and it was considered one of the best-looking smartwatches that have ever been made till yet.

Firstly in two sizes, it was introduced. And after the different testing were made, a review about the huawei watch gt 3 pro was shared to appeal to customers. The larger version has a metal body while with a ceramic body smaller version is made up.

A Detailed Overview of mesmerizing watch: Huawei watch GT3 Pro


  • The dimensions of this watch are 48 x 49.6 x 14 mm.
  • It has a weight of 63g.
  • There is no slot for a memory card in it.
  • The size of the dial is 1.43 inches and has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels.
  • The internal memory of this watch is 16GB and 2GB RAM.
  • There is no camera in it.
  • There is a loudspeaker on the watch.
  • With a 10W supply, the battery is charged and the battery is unremovable.
  • It is present in black and silver colors.
  • The price of this beautiful watch is € 356.35.
  • There is no radio and USB in this watch.
  • GPS position is present in the watch.

Design and build

The standard 22mm strap is supported by the Titanium version. And for bigger wrists the strap is adjustable. A 22mm strap is also taken by the ceramic 43mm version. You will also find the white band attractive to the eyes.

The surface was finished with a powder of diamond for achieving smoothness. With white nanoceramics, the watch body is made up. And a sapphire glass on top will basically give defense against scratching and damage.


Like most of the company’s wearables by Harmony OS 2.0, the Watch GT3 Pro runs. With an ECG sensor, this watch comes up to measure the rhythm of the heart. And all of the real-time analyses.

Premature atrial and ventricular reminders of beat and sinus rhythm are included, and try to keep you updated about all concerns relevant to heart problems. With any smartphone over Bluetooth, Huawei Watch GT3 Pro can connect. Over 100 workout modes are supported by watch GT3 Pro.


  • Water resistance is IP68.
  • A thermometer and heart rate are available as well.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • Charging support is by wireless means.
  • NFC and loudspeaker are enabled in this watch.


  • There is no support for WIFI in it.
  • It operates without any e-SIM support.
  • It was thought of as an expensive watch.
  • There is no option available for storage.
  • There is no glass protection.

Final wording

A compelling set of features are offered by Huawei watch GT3 Pro. The build quality of the watch is the best and it looks more impressive and feels comfortable after wearing. For tracking information and according to its features it was recommended for purchasing.  We can say it is one of the Best wearables because of its unrivaled look and battery life. But we can’t say it is a cheap wearable.

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