Winters and children: Myths Vs. Facts

Winters and children

Parenting is never easy. Every stage, from infanthood to adolescence comes with challenges of its own.

But it is harder still when children are not well. They become crankier than usual, need care, have to be taken to a child Specialist in Lahore, require more attention, and so, parents are always on their toes.

One season in which the chances of getting sick run greater are during winters. And therefore, parents become extra cautious during winters to prevent their child from become ill.

However, parents may also buy into things that are merely myths. These may cause them to work extra hard. Moreover, the health of the child may also be endangered as a result.

Hence, knowing the facts apart from the myths is important when it comes to winter care for children and babies.

Winter health: Myths Vs. Facts

Myth 1: Drinking orange juice can prevent children from getting sick during winters

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit make an appearance during winters, and parents may load children up on the OJ to help boost their immunity.

However, this premise is not entirely correct, and may also be tad bit mythical in nature. Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. These are good for the health of the child but will not be a shield against viruses.

Moreover, orange juice sans pulp is not a healthy choice, as it is high in sugar. It can cause your child to experience sugar rush. If you want to give your child more vitamin C, then it is better that you make them eat the fruit, instead of extracting the juice.

Myth 2: Any case of cold requires antibiotics for treatment

Parents may panic every time their child gets sick. They might also load them on medication, including antibiotics, just as they start to get ill. Naturally, it is hard to see your child in pain and discomfort.

However, the act of self-medication is not a good practice, especially using antibiotics. For to allow your child to develop immunity, it does not hurt to wait it out a little.

Moreover, antibiotics do not work against viral infections, and so, using them whenever is not only ineffective, but also dangerous, as it paves way for antibiotic resistance.

You should, therefore, consult an expert anytime your child gets sick. Trying to manage their symptoms using OTC medication is fine, as long as you are not abusing the privilege. It also helps to try home remedies instead of just relying on medication alone.

Myth 3: Using supplements can prevent your child from getting sick

Supplements help in fulfilling any nutritional deficit, however, not every child needs them. If your doctor has prescribed your child supplements, you should continue with the recommended dose. Amping it up will not protect your child from getting the virus or infection.

Myth 4: Your kid does not need sunscreen during winters

Winter days might not be remarked by sharp and bright sunlight, but that does not mean the radiation from the sunlight is still there. So, going without sunscreen still poses the risk of sun damage to the skin. Hence, do not skip on this important skincare step for your children, or yourself.

Myth 5: Children gets sick from the cold

A common misconception that most people have is that children get sick from the cold. Therefore, parents do not allow their children to go out, and any health problems are then blamed on the cold.

However, that is not true; the temperature does not cause children to become sick. The reason why people get more viral infections, cold and flu during winters is because people tend to share closer quarters.

It then makes it easier for the virus to be transmitted from one person to another, and the reason why children become sick and have to be taken to Islamabad Specialists Clinic. There are, however, other risks associated with cold and not being adequately warm, including hypothermia.

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