What Is the Best Method for Germinating Cannabis Seeds? 


Cannabis seeds can take different forms, from industrial hemp to recreational marijuana. Even though there are different varieties, all cannabis seeds need to germinate to grow new plants. The most suitable germination method depends on the strain of seeds, their age, and the germination environment.   

Before choosing the best method to germinate your cannabis seeds, consider many factors. Here is a list of the most popular germination methods, with detailed descriptions of how they work. 

Outdoor Germination 

Outdoor cannabis seeds germinate best when there is indirect sunlight. The light should come from the east, west, or south. It is essential to water the seeds outside with clean water before placing them in the light. If you don’t water the seeds properly before they go into the light, they will have a higher chance of dying after exposure to the light. After proper watering, leave the seeds in the light for around 18 hours. 

If the weather is over 85oF, you may need to water the plants again. This may not be the case if the weather is cooler, as it will take a more extended period for the plants to become dry. The ideal humidity for outdoor cannabis seeds is around 50%. Humidity around 70% is suitable for germination, though it is also okay to have lower humidity. 

If you live in a climate with warmer weather, you may want to germinate your seeds indoors before planting them outdoors. Even if the temperatures are not too warm, high humidity indoors may cause your seeds to rot. If cannabis seeds, including Sensi seeds, are not kept at the right temperature and humidity level, they will likely die before germinating. 

Hydroponics Germination 

Hydroponics is a great way to germinate cannabis seeds if you live in a region with a warmer climate. The warmer temperatures will help speed up the growth process for the cannabis seeds, but this method requires space. So, if you have ample space to grow the plants, you may also want to germinate your seeds in a hydroponics setup. Growing cannabis seeds in a hydroponics setup are affordable and accessible. 

Buy Weed Online It is vital to water the cannabis seeds properly before they go into the hydroponics system. Experts recommend using a small, water-filled container to avoid drowning the seeds as you water them. Once you have the seeds, it is crucial to turn off the water supply to the system. This is important to avoid drowning the seeds.   

Also, you will want to ensure that you drain the water from the container before turning it off. If you don’t drain the seeds properly, they will stay wet longer than they should. This will lead to a higher risk of the seeds dying before they can even germinate. The ideal pH for cannabis seeds growing in a hydroponics setup is 5.9-7.4. 

Warm Water Germination 

Cannabis seeds can germinate in hot water as long as the temperature is 95oF-970F. It is essential not to keep the water in the bowl too hot, as this can kill the seeds. The ideal conditions for germinating seeds in hot water are lack of wind and a clear sky. If there is wind, the seeds will be blown away from the light, and if there is cloud cover, there will be no sunlight reaching the seeds.   

Light Germination  

There are different types of lights that you can use to germinate cannabis seeds. The kind of light you use will depend on the strain of seeds you are growing. Most people prefer to use fluorescent or LED lighting for germination. While fluorescent lighting can offer a variety of colors, LED lights can help create a warm, filtered light for your cannabis seeds. 

Cold Water Germination 

A cold water germination is an excellent option for cannabis seeds in colder climates. If you opt for this method, you’ll have to leave the seeds in cold water for 24 hours for the best results. While it is ideal to use cold, bottled water, ice water can also work fine.   

You should note that ice cubes will not work for germination as they might contain impurities that will kill your seeds. After 24 hours, you can place the seeds in a germination container and place them in the light. Keeping the container at room temperature is vital as freezing the water will kill the seeds. 

Soil Germination 

Soil is an excellent way to germinate cannabis seeds, especially outdoors. Get quality outdoor potting soil since it is the best for outdoor germination. You should ensure the soil is moist but not too wet. It is vital to keep the soil moist to stay consistent with the ideal soil germination temperatures of around 700F-740F. So, water the soil with clean water before putting the cannabis seeds in the soil. 


The best way to germinate cannabis seeds depends on the local environment, the climate you will be growing in, and the strain of marijuana seeds you are planting. Each method has its benefits, such as germinating cannabis seeds outdoors in warmer climates or growing cannabis seeds in soil indoors. There are benefits to each approach, but it might not be ideal for your specific situation. The most important thing to remember is knowing the best method for your environment and your particular strain of marijuana seeds. 

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