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Oh, to be a lady of rest who noway sullies herself by performing base chores or working with her hands. I do n’t fancy the idleness, but if I wasn’t constantly codifying, carrying, drawing, fixing, holding, and using my hands for the effects elaboration intended them to be used for, my nails would be amazing. Actually, having nice fingernails (or toenails, for that matter) doesn’t bear special salutary supplements, precious topical treatments, or complete abstinence from homemade labour. It just means following many simple rules. Live by them, and watch your nails grow longer and stronger in no time.

Stop Picking

Still, follow this one, If you follow no other piece of advice. Seriously — stop picking, smelling, shelling, and all manner of destructive fussing that you might be inflicting upon your nails. In particular, stop picking and shelling polish. The topmost subcaste of the nail plate contains cells that keep the nail waxed and strong, and when polish comes off in wastes, that important subcaste of cells tends to come off, too.

Leave Your Cuticles Alone

It’s especially important not to cut your cuticles, which leaves you at threat for bacterial and fungal infections, but indeed pushing them back before a manicure can beget damage. Cuticles do have a purpose, after all; they bridge the gap between skin and the nail plate, creating a leakproof hedge that keeps origins out of the nail bed. The only reason cuticle slice and pushing are popular at each is that a shorter cuticle makes the nail itself feel longer. Not exactly worth it.

Wear Polish

A nail that’s carpeted with polish is a nail that’s sealed against damage and allowed to grow and repair itself in peace. Indeed if you don’t want to wear crazy colours, a regular fleece of clear polish workshop. Perk a nail that’s polished is presumably not being picked at.

Take it Easy on Polish Way

Utmost nail- polish lead contain acetone and/ or formaldehyde, which are harsh on nails. They tire humidity down, making it more likely that the dried-out, brittle nails will resolve, peel, or crack. However, it’s healthier to touch up the manicure with further polish than it’s to start over If your nail polish is wearing or dicing down after only a day or two. Try to limit your use of way to formerly per week, and use an acetone-free formula to be indeed gentler.


The nail bed is comprised of hardened keratin — the same stuff that makes up your hair — and it needs humidity, too. Treat your hands to a rich, emollient embrocation frequently, especially after getting hands wet, working with drawing products, or removing polish.

Train Right

There are two cardinal rules of filing the first is that you should noway file your nails in a back-forth stir. Nail technicians might do it because they use professional-grade lines and know the proper pressure to ply. But at home, it’s safer to pick one direction and train in long, broad strokes to help nails from splitting. The alternate rule is to always make sure nails are fully dry before filing. However, they’re more susceptible to damage, If you file your nails when they’re wet.

Be Gentle

Your nails are not made of titanium; they’re not substitutes for pliers, hammers, wedges, or scrapers. Don’t try to use them to open soda cans, remove batteries, pry off the duct tape, or do anything else that could be more easily accomplished by using an actual tool.


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