The Nine Most Iconic Feuds in Hollywood History

Iconic Feuds in Hollywood History

For those who haven’t watched every single photo, Instagram caption, Twitter video, or Aperol spray, here’s a short review of a woman who discovers that her perfect life may actually be (gasp!) real. In the beginning, Shia LaBeouf was the male lead. However, Wilde stated in an interview with Variety interview she was fired by the actor. However, Baby Ashleesaid that was not the case. (and whenever Shia Labeouf is the voice of reason, things can be bad) and quit, and an audio message in which she addressed her female lead by the name of “Miss Flow.

1.Joan Crawford

I’m sorry to say that, Don’t Worry Darling–nothing will be able to sway the queens of rivalries. Davis Crawford and Davis Crawford were among the most prominent film stars in the 1930s and 1940s until their careers fell apart. They strove for one final chance to be remembered by committing to a role as costars in “What Happened To Baby Jane? What ensued was a fight of epic proportions, the two divas the tale on Feud?

2.Olivia Havilland and Joan Catrall

In the context of Feud, there was a scandal on an episode of the FX show in the year 2000 when Oscar-winning actress Olivia de Havilland sued over her character in the series in which she claimed that she wouldn’t have ever spoken of her sister and fellow Oscar recipient Joan Fontaine, a “bitch.” She passed away before the trial was resolved however her squabble with Fontaine was documented. Their conflict was a result of their early years and was exacerbated by gossip and jealousy from the professional world. According to what Fontaine stated to the magazine People back in the year 1978 “Olivia is always saying that I was the first to do anything -I was married first and then won the Academy Award first, had the first child.

3.Raquel Welch, MGM

Welch became the talk of the town with her fight on set in the film with Mae West during the making of Shaiden Rogue  However, it was her dismissal within a week of the filming of Cannery Row at the beginning of 1981, that caused the most rumblings. In the wake of reports of her being difficult to collaborate with on the set (sound familiar? ), Welch sued the producers, claiming they had tarnished her name to the point that she could not get employment in Hollywood.

4.Debra Winger as well as Shirley MacLaine

In the days before there was Spitgate, There was Fartgate. Did Winger blow up MacLaine during the course in the Terms of Endearment? That’s the story MacLaine said in the memoir she wrote. In a well-known and uncomfortable interview together with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Life, Winger appears to be confirming that there may be some truth in it. The on-set fights between them became as famous as McLaine’s Oscars speech, where she held the award she defeated Winger for and declared,

5.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel

There aren’t many feuds that involve Joan. But perhaps all Joans are involved in a feud? The one I mentioned was pretty unbalanced when Joan Rivers was offered her own talk show her mentor and friend, Johnny Carson, was angry that he refused to speak about her or even invited her to appear on The Tonight Show again.

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