10 Best Eateries in Pune for a Mouthwatering Journey

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Pune is Maharashtra’s second largest city and is known for its vibrance, history, culture, nightlife and amazing livelihood. It is a popular weekend destination for a lot of travellers as well. Being a complete delight from youngsters to senior citizens, there is something to do here for everyone. 

You do not really need to have a reason to be trying the pungent spices and flavors of Pune. Nestled in the heart of the state, the city takes you on an unforgettable journey to heavenly Maharashtrian cuisine. Also, Treebo Pune Hotels are sure to elevate your holidays with budget-friendly stay options.

10 Best Places to Eat in Pune are – 

  1. Burger
    Burger is near ABC Farms, Koregaon Park and on East Street in the popular Camp area of the city. This unassuming burger joint opened 29 years ago and has been one of the hotspots of the city for people of all ages. The moment you enter the city, word of mouth about this city can definitely get you cravings to visit this place. 

To get the double tikki burger here, you can be sure to stand in the queue for a while but to get a tasty as hell burger. Before the beef ban, their steak burger would be one of the bestsellers that could sell out every day by the end of the day.

  1. Garden Vadapav Centre

Opposite to J.J. Garden in Camp, this iconic place is a must to try if you are looking for the best Vadapav in Pune. Whenever you visit, you can see hordes of people waiting for their turn here. They begin their serving at 5:30 AM and the place is always bustling throughout the day. 

According to the owner, the main ingredients used here are buns, potatoes, batter, chutney and happiness. The vadapav served here is not only delicious and fulfilling but also very affordable. The stall claims to sell something in between 6000-7000 vada pavs every day. 

  1. Marzorin

Marzorin has been featured in the list of the best rated restaurants in Pune for almost 5 decades. It is a must visit place in Pune for relishing on healthy food that has had a long and glorious legacy. There is so much variety that nobody ever gets bored. Check for Treebo Pune Hotels near the eatery for a comfortable stay.

The food is such that even those counting their calories, can leave feeling incredibly satisfied. The sandwiches are the most well-known, but people keep coming back for more because they offer healthy options like whole wheat and multigrain sandwiches and some of their own energy drinks. 

  1. Shabri Spice Ice Cream 

It can definitely be on your list to get something cold in the summer heat and can make you feel as close to heaven. Situated on the popular FC Road, the spice ice-cream is a complete delight if you are craving for a cold and delicious dessert. The Clove ice cream served here has such a prominent taste of clove and that’s why no wonder they call it the spice mix with the ice cream. 

Honey Tejpatta and Peru Guava are some of the bestsellers, served with salt and red chilli powder that’s added on the top of the scoop to add a new flavour of spice with the coldness of the ice cream. Nonetheless, the spice ice creams are a class apart and have the tasty flavours to add more to your lively trip to Pune.  

  1. Vaishali Restaurant

FC road is famous for its iconic restaurants and food joints, one of them being the Vaishali Restaurant. Apart from its mouth-watering South Indian food, it is also famous for group gatherings and reunions. For many locals and tourists, it’s not just a restaurant but a feeling of exemplary flavours and utmost joy. 

Trying the Mysore Cheese Masala Dosa and Idli at one of Pune’s oldest and most famous South Indian restaurants is a must in your itinerary. The legacy of this restaurant goes back all the way to 1951. Over the last 7 decades, it has been a favourite amongst all age groups. 

  1. Chaitanya Paratha House

Chaitanya Paratha house is one such place which is especially run only for all the college and working professionals who have migrated to the city from different corners of the country. This is one of those places for all the Puneris whenever they get that Paratha craving, it is their go to spot. 

The Amritsari Aloo and Onion Paratha served with a spoon of butter and Dahi is a relishing meal in itself. Even if you are on a diet or planning to go on one, it has the power to toss it around and let you enjoy it with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. It is easily good enough for 2-3 people. Come to this place and try this nice and light paratha for yourself. 

  1. Baan Tao

Ranked amongst the classiest restaurants in Pune, Baan Tao is popular in Pune as it offers Pan Asian cuisine consisting of Sushi, Dumplings and a variety of Chinese appetisers. Cooked to perfection by the top Thai chefs of the city, the bestsellers here are the Crunchy Papaya salad and Sweet Calamari. 

The dining area is also themed as a peaceful tea lounge quite reminiscent of Japanese and Chinese culture with a gentle waterfall in the setting. You can choose this restaurant for a romantic dinner and have your meals at the Thai pavilions specially built for the purpose.   

  1. Bounty Sizzlers

This iconic restaurant has grown quite popular in the last few years as one of the best restaurants in Pune to have sizzlers. To name a few of their must have dishes are the pepper steaks, chicken melt, and shish kebabs. All the meals here are cooked to perfection. 

Furthermore, for desserts, you can try the delicious brownies, flija, and kulfi if you’re hungry. If you have kids, this restaurant has a wide range of options for them to choose from with regards to pizza, burgers, pastries and sodas. You can see the value in the wonderful style and beguiling climate of this café.

  1. Malaka Spice

Malaka spice restaurant is the best place to go in Pune if you want to experience the vibrant Bohemian culture and eat great food. A variety of artistic paintings and artworks are on display in the elegant restaurant. The decor is so quirky and typical of Asia. The walls are brightly painted, the floor tiles are excellent Macau-style tiles, and the large cut-out screens create an unusual atmosphere. 

On various levels, there are a number of sections that have been elegantly designed and feature their signature lanterns. Top hats, spicy satay, laksa, juicy Thai mutton chops, fresh basil chicken, authentic Vietnamese topaz curry, and the restaurant’s own Malaka Penang curry are perennial favourites on the menu. Thai curry quinoa cakes, the delicious quail samosa, and exotic char-grilled octopus are just a few of the frequently offered new dishes.

  1. Cafe Goodluck

Just like they say, save the last for the best, there is no other place you should rather end your evenings in Pune than Cafe Goodluck. The classic Iranian Chai, Bun Maska and Egg Bhurji have left a special place in every Punekars heart and can definitely book a spot in yours as well. 

If you are strolling along FC road and not trying this 80 years old Iranian cafe, then your trip is incomplete. One of the oldest Iranian cafes in the country, it is usually crowded with people and you can expect a waiting line here pretty much anytime of the day you visit. If you are privileged enough to get one then don’t wait a second to gorge on these delicious meals. 

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The restaurants in Pune are filled with people eager to eat, spend lovely time with their loved ones and create a memory that is sweet and salty at the same time. 


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