Some of the Best Vastu Tips for House

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Surrounding your house with optimistic energy is on the To-Do List for most people whenever they move to a new place. Whether placing decorative items or changing the colour scheme, a lot goes on to get a positive vibe in your house.

Everybody today desires to live in a house that is not only comfortable but also makes you feel calm after a long day at work. It is essential to understand your house’s energy, which affects the people who occupy it. Your environment helps build a healthy mind foundation, and Vastu shastra offers fantastic ways to create a healthy life. You can connect with a Vastu consultant who can give you the right tips. Vastu shastra can help you become physically and mentally healthy, provided you follow it correctly.

Some of the fantastic Vastu tips for house

Entrance gate Vastu tips:

You should never place decorative items or showpieces at your entrance gate, whether a fountain or an artificial tree, as it can hinder the positive energy entering your house. It would be best if you instead placed a Buddha statue because it drives away all the evil spirits and negative energy. You can place the statue at your entrance. It will drive away all the negative energies which are eyeing to display your harmony, as per Vastu consultant. It would be best if you always considered keeping your house entry clean as entry is for the energies that will attract positive energy and wealth.

Living room Vastu tips

For you to set the right energy for your living room. It is also a place where you will welcome your guests, and they will have an insight into your style. The living room must be painted with light shades, including white, cream floral white, and others. Every colour has a positive effect. For example, light pink will improve purity, while white will bring warmth to your house. At the same time, beige and cream colour is known for calmness, perfection, and beauty. It would be best if you never placed a cactus inside your house as the plant is set to bring negative energies that will affect your family members’ health. You can consider these

Vastu tips for home.

Vastu tips for bedroom

It would be best if you always kept your bed towards the South or the West per the Vastu shastra principle because it will help improve your mental health and sleep quality. It would help if you tried to keep the bedding pink or red, which signifies passion. Additionally, experts say that a mirror or television should not face the bed because it is the reflection of humans in a mirror that can invite negative energy to the house and increase the differences between family members.

Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is where people prepare their food, not to mention getting the Vastu of the kitchen right is pretty important. The kitchen must be painted with bright colours to help support the fire elements’ activation and spread warm emotions in the house. Additionally, the gas stove or the microwave should face east or southeast so that the person working in the kitchen faces east. The direction from where the sun’s energy is close in the kitchen is from the east.

Pooja room vastu tips

The Vastu expert near me suggests that the idols in the temple should not face each other and should be kept at a distance to ensure a continuous energy flow and fragrance of the incense sticks around the temple. The colouring scheme of the puja room must be white blue, and yellow to relax and suit the worshipping environment. It will help you welcome the positive energy in your house.

General tips for positive energy

Vastu consultant online suggests that you should avoid keeping it on the main gate because it can repulse positive energy from entering your house. Furthermore, the dustbin should not be placed in the North East zone as it can hamper the mental health or the thought process, making you feel stressed more. Additionally, a dustbin in the South zone can hinder all types of wealth-generating opportunities, and when the dustbin is placed in the north, it can harm your career. The South West zone is the perfect location to place your dustbin. Other locations where you would keep the dustbin include east of South West or the South East.


Above all, you need to know that sandalwood should be kept in your house where family members get to see it frequently. Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods globally, and it has a soothing fragrance set to ease all emotions. Vastu shastra will help you in making sure that you have good physical and mental health.

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