Leading a Training to Lead a Lean-Agile Transformation

Leading a Training to Lead a Lean-Agile Transformation

Leading SAFe® 5 Certification and leading Lean-Agile transformations are just some of the key learnings you’ll take away from this certification course. You’ll discover what it takes to create an Agile culture in your organization, change your mindset to one that embraces Agility, and build out an effective Lean-Agile strategy that gets results with minimal time and resources. Enroll today to begin your Lean-Agile transformation!

How do you Become an Agilist?

Before you can become an Agilist you need to first attend one of two recognized Agilist certification training programs offered by Scaled Agile. What’s unique about these offerings is that they don’t just teach you how to become an Agilist, but they teach you how to lead as an Agilist as well.

This means that whether you work in product management, project management, quality assurance, or testing—these courses can prepare you for success in your role and for becoming a SAFe  capable leader. But perhaps more importantly, these courses aren’t just focused on learning; they also teach people how to apply agile principles to their daily lives.

How Do You Use Agile Development in the Real World?

So how do you use agile development in the real world? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Agile methods aren’t just used for software development projects; they can be applied across many aspects of the business.

For example, using an agile testing methodology allows teams to implement a continuous integration strategy and an automation framework (such as Selenium). This makes it easier for new employees to join the team because they don’t have to spend days setting up their environments. They can focus on understanding the business problem they need to solve instead of being distracted by technical details that are already handled elsewhere in the system.

How Do You Be a Change Agent?

We’re often told that you need to be a Change Agent to transform an organization, but what does that mean? In The Four Mindset Shifts of a Change Agent, I will explain how you can take an internal mindset shift towards change.

That is, it doesn’t require anything from outside of you or your organization. It’s about how you can change how you think about your work and yourself so that when others do come along with ideas for change—even if they are just trying to convince you of something—you’re ready for them and recognize where their vision aligns with yours.

What’s Included in their Course?

What’s included in the course? Many people who come through their training have already been exposed to the Leading SAFe® 5 Certification. Sometimes, they’ve been introduced as part of their organization’s Kanban implementation, or because they are leading or participating in an Agile transformation in one way or another.

Most often though, they’re interested in becoming certified to leverage key roles within their organization that require SAFe Agilist training, such as Enterprise Coach and Enterprise Architect.

How Long Does it Take to Get Certified?.

The key thing to understand about Leading SAFe® 5 Certification training is that it is focused on giving you exactly what you need to successfully transform an organization into one that values agility and learning over process, bureaucracy, and hierarchical control. After all, creating value shouldn’t take a long time!

How Do You Prepare for a Leading Safe Test?

This test contains 25 questions that are designed to help you prepare for a SAFe Agilist training certification exam.

Is Leading Safe Certification Worth It?

If you are looking for SAFe Agilist training, then definitely it’s worth it. But you will have to spend some money for certification and for getting through the course. Is it worth it? As SAFe is an improvement approach that helps you in driving change, then if you want to be known as an agile leader in your organization and use lean, DevOps, and other tools of agile development, then yes, leading SAFe Agilist training is worth it.

Leading SAFe certification ensures you knowledge about lean, agile, and other agile-related practices. It also enhances your knowledge about managing software projects with Scrum, Kanban as well as hybrid methods along with continuous integration and DevOps practices.

Does Safe Certification Increase Salary?

There is little doubt that SAFe Agilist training certification will help you earn more money. The global salary of a SAFe certified professional increases on average by 8%.

The salary difference between certified and non-certified professionals varies from 10% in Germany and Belgium, 15% in Sweden, 16% in Norway and UK, and 17% in Russia. It is difficult to find statistics for the USA, Canada, or Australia but we can assume that SAFe certification will increase your salary there as well.

What is the Cost of Safe Agile Certification?

The cost of SAFe Agilist training certification depends on the type of certification and where you live. For example, if you’re a SAFe Practitioner, the cost is USD 400 for the course plus $400 for your exam.

The cost of courses varies depending on location and whether you’re working with an authorized training partner. Before registering for a course, confirm with your local Authorized safe agile certification in los angeles Coach who will be helping out with logistics at the event.


Learning how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation and becoming a SAFe® Agilist can have profound effects on the culture of your organization—a positive change that you can measure in terms of increased productivity, better workplace morale, more satisfied customers, and even tangible benefits like lower operating costs and decreased turnover rates. If you’re ready to experience these benefits firsthand, then our Leading SAFe® training will prepare you to be a change agent in your organization by giving you the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful as a SAFe® Agilist.

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