Economic Negative Of Gambling On Toto Site


Major negative impacts include the consumption of public services such as sewerage and road maintenance and crime prevention costs that are also increasing in the area surrounding casinos and adjacent areas. In other words, the negative impact is related to the region’s economic capacity to the size of the new casino Toto토토사이트.


Although the funds invested in several gambling projects and employment in the first case have been cleared, the industry has been criticized for inflating potential economic growth effects and making the negative impact less noticeable (Goodman, R., 2001). This industry provides a positive and unfair view of the local economy, focusing on professional factors. Also, it rejects the economic cost of strategic business to the country as sufficient. Legalizing gambling activities as a strategy for economic development was discreetly reputed lost during the hearing.

Also, gambling behavior and the philosophy of gambling Toto 토토사이트have a direct impact on business principles and economic development. Legalizing gambling also negatively impacts education both philosophically and financially 

On the other hand, countries that legalize gambling are expected to have a high socioeconomic cost and reduce the quality of life. In addition, legalized gambling brings addicts and potential addicts to the market, making it difficult for most of the existing traditional businesses to overcome their competition. In Resort World Santana, for example, some researchers strongly point out that the number of problem gamblers and potential sick gamblers has increased by 1% as a result of introducing popular legalized gambling, such as casinos and video lotteries, over four months (Sim, A, 2010). According to one study, each new pathological gambler costs SGD 26,200 and $78,000 SGD annually (Hooi, D. H., 1999). These costs affect not only society as a whole but also all businesses.

On the other hand, major companies need to be concerned that legalized gambling activities are on the rise in various ways. Legalized gambling can be offered to market segments that can become addicted, so companies that are not gambling-related can’t compete to gain benefits in a fair competition. Given the wide range of Singapore’s economy, the socioeconomic downsides of legalizing gambling could remain hidden for a long time. However, the legalization of certain activities by the government does not necessarily mean that the social impact or negative business has decreased.

In addition, although the style and location of the casino are better than others, these do not specify the effect of the casino significantly at the moment. However, new casinos targeting local markets in Singapore can generate positive secondary economic effects through their employees if they trigger an increase in total employment in and around their host community. This effect is greatest for new casinos in areas with high employment demand.

target market

As competition in the Asian region intensifies, IR will enhance its image as Singapore’s best destination. The IR will give Singapore a greater advantage in the Asia-Pacific tourism sector. Given Singapore’s strategic location, good flight connections with low-cost airlines and world-class infrastructure, IR will provide many good opportunities for Singapore (The Business Times, 2010).

Comparing The Bahamas to Las Vegas, Singapore’s integrated resorts (IRs), coupled with all the amenities – luxury hotels, entertainment shows, themed attractions, convention facilities and casinos – offer world-class development. With nearly 35,000 jobs created in IR, the industry is expected to invest USD 7.1 billion in IR (USD 3.5 billion in Marina Bay and USD 3.6 billion in Resort World) (, 2010).


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