Variations on Triple Play Keno, Draw Poker, and Other Games on Major Site Toto


The winnings for a four-of-a-kind are메이저사이트 doubled in Bonus Poker Deluxe compared to the regular game of Bonus Poker. However, a two-pair only awards one credit, as opposed to two coins, as it would in Bonus Poker. You only receive one credit for two pairs when playing the Double Bonus game, but the bonus rewards are far more than those of the Double Bonus game.

The payouts for four of a kind in Triple Double Bonus Poker are much more generous than those in Double Bonus Poker. However, the lowest qualifying hand is a pair of kings, and you will only receive one coin if you have two pairs.


As mentioned, Triple Play Keno Draw Poker 메이저사이트includes 9 different games in its repertoire. This indicates that the paytable you are dealing with will change depending on the game you are playing for money.


You will always discover two different keno pay tables, one based on a five-coin bet and the other on a ten-coin bet, regardless of the video poker type that you select to play. A glance at both of these pay tables, as well as the payment schedule for Jacks or Better, may be found below:

If you have prior experience with the game of Keno, you will be able to determine the winnings according to the number of balls you choose. Even if you’ve never played Keno, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up the rules and getting started.


You place a keno bet of 10 coins and choose 5 balls, ultimately landing three. If you look at the pay table for 10 credits, you’ll see that you’ll receive a total of 20 coins and a multiplier of three on your overall payoff.

If you additionally obtain a flush with a wager of five coins worth thirty credits, your total win would now amount to one hundred ten coins [thirty times three plus twenty].

Remember that the multiplier will only be applied to the money you win from your video poker hand and that the money you earn from Keno will be put on after the fact.

Betting on Keno results in higher payouts.

We have already established that placing bets on Keno will increase your overall payout. This is because there is a positive expectation of winning with either the 5-coin or the 10-coin wager.

You can see how different varieties of video poker and their pay tables are affected by keno bets in the table that follows:

  • 9-to-5 Jacks or Better has a payback of 98.45% when played without a keno wager.
  • 9/5 Jacks or Better with a 5 coin keno bet and 5 balls yields a payback percentage of 98.76%.
  • 9 out of 5 Jacks or Better with a 10 coin keno bet and 5 balls yields a payback percentage of 98.97%
  • 8 / 5 Bonus Poker w / o keno bet: 98.37% payback
  • 8/5 Bonus Poker with a 5-coin Keno stake and 5 balls yield a payback percentage of 98.67%.
  • 8/5 Bonus Poker with a 10-coin Keno bet and 5 balls yields a payback percentage of 98.89%.
  • 9 / 5 Bonus Poker Deluxe w / o keno bet: 98.55% payout
  • 9/5 Bonus Poker Deluxe with a 5-coin keno wager and 5 balls have a payback percentage of 98.85%.
  • 9/5 Bonus Poker Deluxe with a 10-coin keno wager and 5 balls have a payback percentage of 99.05%.

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