SHLAK Addresses Recent Rumors: ‘Let Me Say It Loudly And Clearly, F–k Nazis!’

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SHLAK says over the course of his life, he’s been a lot of things, but a white supremacist is not one of them.

GCW wrestler SHLAK has taken to Twitter to defend his name after allegations that he is a white supremacist have once again resurfaced. The accusations initially came from pictures that surfaced a few years ago where he was with known white supremacists and even seen performing the Nazi salute.

In the video posted to Twitter, SHLAK thanks his independent wrestling brothers and sisters that have defended him and makes his stance clear about how he feels about white supremacists.

“Hey, my name’s Jay, kinda. Most people know me as SHLAK and for those who do not, I’m a deathmatch wrestler, a musician, and a lifetime tattooer,” he begins. “Now, over the course of my existence, I’ve done a lot of really crazy and stupid shit. Trust me, some regrettable I’ve been locked up, put around, and hung out with some very ignorant people and played along while they’ve said some very hurtful things. I myself have said some very hurtful things and joked about things that frankly weren’t funny at all. I understand my actions, regardless of intent, were inappropriate, ignorant, stupid, and just plain wrong. Unfortunately, I can’t change the past. All I could do is move forward and live a better life. I want to say thank you to all my brothers and sisters in the locker room that have actually met me in person and take my words and actions at face value and have defended me every single time this has come up online or in person. I’m grateful for that.

“I want you to hear this come directly out of my mouth. So there is no misconception, I am not a Nazi. I have never been a Nazi. I am completely against white supremacy and the discrimination of others based on skin color and sexual orientation. Let me say it loudly and clearly, fuck Nazis.”

Should you use any portion of the quotes above, transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.

SHLAK later confirmed he does not have any Nazi-affiliated tattoos and has had physical confrontations with supremacists in the past but has never been a member of any of the groups.

SHLAK has addressed these allegations in the past, including during an interview with the One People’s Project and a statement issued to in 2017. GCW (then known as Jersey Championship Wrestling) also issued a statement on their bookings with SHLAK in 2018. The promotion said they believed in SHLAK as a person and performer and that while people make mistakes, they support him and believed that his word is real and true.


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