Illuminate the artwork at your home with these simple lighting tips

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One of the most recent trends to have made a debut in the design space is beautifully lighting up the artwork in your space. Artwork like paintings needs to be highlighted in your space as they can create a gorgeous focal point in the space and create a stunning contrast too. Artworks not only accentuate the ambience of your space but also lends character to your space. And if these pieces are illuminated in the right manner, then they can work their magic in ways you can’t even imagine.

It is not that artwork goes unnoticed in your space, but the right illumination will bring the best out of your painting and let it speak its story to all the observers. Lighting up an artwork also adds dimension to your space, and it can fabulously change the vibe of your space. There are many more advantages of lighting your artwork, and we will talk more about them as we bring to you a well-curated list of lighting ideas that are simply the best for your paintings. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be painting. You could illuminate a big photograph, poster, or photo wall too. There are no limitations to the things you can highlight in your space.

Strictly stick to LED lighting fixtures for your artwork

Yes, LED lighting fixtures are the most popular right now, but chances are you may find some with halogen bulbs or any other incandescent bulbs too. The fixtures with incandescent bulbs are meant to exude a retro or vintage vibe into your space, but you should avoid them at all costs. These lighting fixtures can damage your paintings and your photographs, but the chances of damage are nearly eliminated when you use LED fixtures. LED fixtures don’t have harmful radiation either.

Choose linear lighting designs for better impact

 There are instances when people use multiple units to light up their paintings, but it is definitely more impactful when you use a linear lighting design like a track lighting fixture or a picture light. If you have a lot of area to cover, let’s say in a picture wall, then you can definitely go ahead with multiple wall lights. But for a single artwork, the best option is to go for a linear lighting design. Linear lighting designs are as artful as your painting, and they become a part of your painting itself as they illuminate every inch of it. And there is absolutely no chance of a shadow appearing on your painting which might happen if you use multiple wall lights. Linear lighting designs lend uniform illumination to your painting, and they can bring out every detail beautifully. And the biggest advantage of a linear lighting design is that it blends really well into your decor and lends to the enigmatic ambience other lighting fixtures create in the space.

There are a few other ways to light up your artwork safely and wonderfully, like using a LED panel behind the painting to create a stunning backdrop. And you can use also use LED strip lighting to create the same effect with lesser efforts.

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