Free Turns, Both in the Past and the Future on Toto butt


When you play A Christmas Carol online, you꽁머니 will have access to three additional primary elements that are accessible to you. First, you’ll trigger a bonus round that awards free spins and wild symbols if you acquire three or more of the same ghost sign.

The last bonus feature is a gambling feature called the double-up gamble feature. This feature allows you to earn twice as much on each winning spin. More information on the functionality of these features may be found here.

The past and future

The past and future free spins each allow you to win꽁머니 up to twelve more free spins. The number of symbols that appear is determined by the quantity of ghost scatter symbols utilised to trigger the bonus round.

You must comprehend that you must get three or more instances of the identical ghost emblem. Free spins cannot be earned, for instance, if you have one golden ghost, one blue ghost, and one green ghost in your possession, all at the same time.

Comprehensive guidelines 

If you have three or more golden ghosts, the corresponding ghost will materialise on the screen and give you several free spins in exchange. The same thing occurs if three or more blue ghosts are on the board. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the spirit of Christmas presents, the green ghost, serves a distinct purpose from the other ghosts. This ghost has nothing to do with the free spins element of the game.

The fact that you are guaranteed to win on a pay line or have an extra feature activated during every one of these free spins makes these bonus rounds so appealing.


As a result of this guarantee, it is easy to get extra free spins by repeatedly activating the bonus round. Even if you only start with three free spins, there is a good chance that you will win more before the feature concludes.

The free spins feature for both the past and the future functions in the same manner. It is possible to activate the other feature or to retrigger the feature that you began with, but the only thing that will change is which ghost will appear on the side of the reels when it happens.

The Wild Symbols That Christmas Brings

There are no free spins available with the green ghost. Instead, wild symbols will be provided by the spirit of Christmas presents. If there are three or more green ghost symbols anywhere on the reels, all of the ghost symbols will turn wild for the next spin. For instance, you would have four wild symbols if you had simultaneously three green ghosts and one blue ghost on your reels. If you collect four green ghosts and two golden ghosts, there will be six wild symbols instead of the usual four.

The wild symbol feature may be used whenever you want, regardless of whether you are playing the regular game or the free spins feature.

This feature is one of a kind because most slot machines themed around Christmas have wild symbols that may appear anywhere on the reels. It makes no sense to hide the wild symbols beneath another feature since this seems unnatural.


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