Five Design Ideas to Help Keep your Kitchen Easy to Clean

Five Design Ideas to Help Keep your Kitchen Easy to Clean

If you’re like most people, cleaning your kitchen is not one of your favourite activities. It may be one of the least favourite things you do all week. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few simple design changes you can make to your kitchen that will help keep it clean and organised with minimal effort on your part. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Keep things off the floor

One of the quickest ways to make your kitchen look messy and cluttered is to have items strewn about on the floor. To avoid this, make use of cabinet and drawer space to store things like pots, pans, and small appliances. This will also help you avoid having to bend down constantly to retrieve things from the floor, which can save your back a lot of pain in the long run.

Use see-through storage containers

Another way to reduce clutter in your kitchen is to invest in some clear storage containers. This way, you can see what’s inside without opening each container individually. You can find these containers at most home goods stores or online.

Keep countertops clear

Countertops are another area of the kitchen that tend to get cluttered quickly. To avoid this, designate a place for everything and put things away after you use them. For example, keep your knife block on the countertop but put away all the other knives when finished. This will help free up valuable counter space and make it easier to keep things clean.

Invest in a good quality dishwasher

If you have the space for it, a dishwasher can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. Not only will it save you time by washing dishes for you, but it can also help prevent food stains and build-up on your plates and silverware. When shopping for a dishwasher, look for one with adjustable racks so you can easily accommodate different sizes of dishes.

Store cleaning supplies in an easily accessible location

Finally, ensure you have all the cleaning supplies you need close at hand so you can quickly and easily clean up any spills or messes. A small cabinet near the sink is a great place to store these items. Or, if you prefer, you can create a cleaning caddy that contains all the supplies you need in one place. This way, you won’t have to go searching for things when it’s time to clean up.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are one of the best options for keeping areas around cooking areas, like hobtops, clean. Kitchen splashbacks tend to be easy to wipe clean and can be designed to be coloured to match the rest of your design.

Kitchens can be one of the most difficult places in a home to keep clean. Between stovetops, ovens, countertops, and cabinets, many hard-to-reach places tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. In this article, we’ve shared five easy design ideas for keeping your kitchen clean and organised. Implementing even a few of these tips into your kitchen design will help make cleaning up a breeze! What is your favourite way to keep your kitchen clean? Let us know in the comments below.

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