Explaining The Most Common and Regular Issues With Water Purifiers

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Health and access to clean water are well connected. Make sure you have clean water readily available for drinking and cooking if you intend to safeguard the well-being of your family.

Your RO needs to be in good working order for this. You should take exceptional care of your water filter if you want it to last for many more years. Here are all the common problems with your RO purifier system. If you are facing them, search for RO service near me in Kolkata, and get experts at your doorstep.

Is Your Water Purifier Working Properly?

Is the water storage tank in your RO water purifier empty? No water is coming out of the purifier tap, not even a drop.

  •  Check to see if the power supply is on or off and if the “Power On” pointer (indicator) is off. Check to see if the power supply is reachable if the switch is on.

If both of these requirements are satisfied yet the RO purifier still won’t switch on, there may be a problem with the electrical or SMPS (power supply connector). To diagnose the problem in such a situation, contact a RO maintenance expert.

  • The indication (pointer) for “Power ON” is lit up. Your primary water supply valve is the first item you should examine. The water supply valve must be closed. Whether it’s off, switch it on to see if the purifier is still operating.

You should examine the water pressure if the valve is accessible and if the RO system isn’t functioning. If the water pressure is too low, the majority of RO purifiers won’t function.

Assuming that the RO purifier is still not operational, which is normal. The water channels and films may need to be cleaned or replaced because they are clogged with dirt. For clean water, experts suggest replacing them frequently. Another option is that an internal component has to be repaired or replaced because it has failed.

Water Leakage:

Water leaking from RO systems is arguably the most widely recognized issue. On occasion, you may have seen a water puddle next to your RO. This may be seen in the context of the fact that the lines’ connectors have leaky or dislodged connections, causing the water to flow. Verify that every one of the connection couplings is fitted correctly.

Though sometimes you see any trickles or accidental spills, call the RO competent. Spills in a water filter might result in a variety of issues if they are not quickly cleaned up. The water purifier will get a thorough inspection by the expert to determine what caused the spill. You can search for a water purifier service in Kolkata, and that will get you specialists in no time.

Foul Odor or Bad Taste:

The water purifier doesn’t taste or smell unpleasant by nature. The taste or smell of the water is not altered in any manner by RO water filtering. In any case, there is an issue if you detect a change in the flavour or aroma of the RO water as you consume it.

The existence of chlorine, which stinks, is the most well-known cause of the bad odour and bad taste. This might occur if the pipelines are not effectively filtering the water.

Additionally, since you frequently consume water that is only somewhat polluted, you may occasionally find that RO-filtered water tastes different to you; nevertheless, this is okay since you will become used to it. If you think there is something unusual and improper going on, though, and you don’t want this issue to endure, you must change the water paths.

The storage tank’s contents may begin to smell if the disinfected water is left there for a long time without being utilized. Reject filtered water which has been in the storage reservoir for more and over two days regularly.

Auto Shut-Off Failure:

The RO immediately finishes the cleaning cycle when its water storage tank reaches a certain level, at which point it also shuts off.

The filtration system will run continually if the auto shut-off functionality isn’t working as it should. As a result, water would seep into the RO openings from the storage container.

Then, contact a RO specialist to repair or replace the problematic component.

Taking More Time To Fill:

Is the RO purifier’s water tank loading up excessively slowly? creates peculiar noises.

The RO purifier’s tubes are made to separate contaminants of various sizes and shapes. These circulating impurities adhere to the channel or film’s edge.

When the pipes are not routinely cleaned or repaired, these contaminants can occasionally build up as a thick coating, impeding the water flow.

If you shifted the channels, you could notice some vibrations. This is a transitory issue, therefore the vibrations will get worse after a while.

If you think it’s strange, consult a RO specialist to figure out why and implement a suggested course of action.

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