Everything You Need To Know About Dab Rig Starter Kit Bundle

Everything You Need To Know About Dab Rig Starter Kit Bundle

A dab rig can be defined as a water pipe used to inhale dabs or cannabis extracts. Like a bong, the vapor gets filtered through the water, allowing the consumers to enjoy a prolonged high experience.

If you are a beginner, dabbing can get a bit tedious, but choosing the right dab rig starter kit bundle will not only help simplify the process but also make the experience more enjoyable. However, when it comes to choosing the best starter kit bundle, the options can be quite intimidating as plenty of items are available in the market. Here is a list of all the essential items you should consider while building your ideal starter kit bundle.

How Should You Build Your Starter Kit?

Ideally, your dab rig starter kit bundle should consist of a rig, torch, and nail (if you are choosing traditional rigs), storage for the concentrate, dabbing tools, and cleaning supplies.


The rig helps in inhaling the vaporized concentrates. Choosing the rig should depend on its durability and versatility. If you are just a beginner, it is always recommended to go for E-rigs as it will prolong the dabbing experience. You can even regulate the temperatures and customize them according to your preference.

Storage For Concentrate

Transporting concentrates can be a sticky affair; therefore, secure your concentrates with a proper storage area. Choosing silicone for storage is usually recommended as they are non-sticky, and concentrates will also stick to it, eradicating any fear of losing any of the concentrates.

Dabbing Tool

A dabbing tool helps transport the concentrates from the storage area to the rig. This dabbing tool has two pieces of equipment: a pick and a paddle. These are used according to the consistency of the concentrate being handled.

Torch And Nail

Electronic equipment does not require a torch as the rig nail is heated through electricity. But if you like to go old-school, and have chosen a traditional piece, ensure it comes with a torch that uses butane for fuel. Plus, the nail with a standard dab starter bundle should be high quality and made of ceramic, glass, or titanium.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the primary reasons for more people inclining towards dabbing is because of the flavor of the concentrates, providing them with an enjoyable experience. However, the experience can be affected by the cleanliness of the apparatus. Your starter kit should include cleaning supplies, preferably isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs.

Create your cleaning solution and fill the apparatus upon disassembling it. Cover the solution as it tends to evaporate quickly, and give it a quick shake to remove any buildup and allow the grime to soak the solution. Gently clean the intricate parts and give them a good rinse. Dry it thoroughly before your use.

Other Essentials

Apart from the items mentioned above, you can always check whether your starter kit includes essential accessories to make dabbing easier. These items are a charger, a table mat, and a carb cap.

If you are purchasing electronic equipment, make sure it comes with a charger. Go for USB-C chargers as they are more powerful than the average and result in fast charging. On the other hand, going for carb caps can enhance your experience further, as you can customize the airflow as per your preference. Also, keeping a table mat will aid in maintaining a clean space.

Bottom Line

Choosing the correct dab kit is essential for a relaxing experience. It is easy to use, lasts longer, and makes the process safer. You can customize dab rigs according to the buyer’s preference as well. Choose the dab rig kit that caters to your budget needs and customization.

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