Economic Adverse Effects of Gambling on TOTO Sites


The main negative impact will be the consumption of public services such as sewerage, road maintenance, and crime prevention costs, increasing in the vicinity of the casino and neighboring areas. In other words, the economic power of the region will hurt the scale of the new casino 토토사이트.

About Investment

Although some gambling businesses have been cleared for investment and employment, critics say the industry inflates potential economic growth and obscures negative effects (Goodman, R., 2001). ). The industry sees the local economy positively and unfairly, focusing on professional factors. It also denies the economic cost of strategic business to the country as sufficient. Legalizing gambling activities as a strategy for economic development is rated as a modest loss during hearings.

Gambling behavior and gambling philosophies also directly impact business principles and economic development. The legalization of Gambling has philosophical, financial and educational implications.

On the other hand, countries that legalize Gambling are expected to have higher socioeconomic costs and lower quality of life. Additionally, legalizing Gambling brings addicts and potential addicts to the market, making it difficult for most existing traditional businesses to compete. At Resorts World Santana, for example, the introduction of popular legalized Gambling such as casinos and video lotteries over four months resulted in a 1% increase in the number of problem and potential sick gamblers, researchers contend. (Sim, A, 2010). One study found that each new pathological gambler costs SGD 26,200, or SGD 78,000 annually (Hooi, D. H., 1999). These costs affect all businesses, not just society as a whole.

On the other hand, major companies 토토사이트 should be concerned about the increasing trend of legalized gambling activities in various forms. Because legalized Gambling serves a market segment that can become addictive, companies not involved in Gambling cannot profit from fair competition. Given the breadth of Singapore’s economy, the socioeconomic downsides of legalized Gambling may remain hidden for a long time. However, legalizing certain government activities does not necessarily mean less social impact or negative business.

Also, while the style and location of the casino are superior to others, more is needed to largely determine the effectiveness of the casino at this time. However, a new casino aimed at the local market in Singapore can create a positive collateral economic effect through its workforce if it increases total employment in and around the host community. This effect is greatest for new casinos in areas with high employment demand.

Target market

As competition in the Asian region intensifies, IRs will enhance Singapore’s image as the best destination. An IR will give Singapore a greater edge in the tourism sector in the Asia-Pacific region. Given Singapore’s strategic location, good flight connectivity with low-cost airlines, and world-class infrastructure, an IR will offer Singapore many good opportunities (The Business Times, 2010).

Comparing the Bahamas and Las Vegas, Singapore’s integrated resorts (IRs) are world-class developments coupled with a full range of amenities, including luxury hotels, entertainment shows, themed attractions, convention facilities and casinos. I will create about 35,000 jobs, and the industry is expected to invest US$7.1 billion in IRs (US$3.5 billion for Marina Bay and US$3.6 billion for Resorts World)


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