Difference Of 1157 Brake Light Bulb Vs Other Cars’ Light Bulbs

1157 brake light bulb

The reason that most cars’ brake light bulbs are 1157 bulbs is because they are instant start, no delay, no glare to other drivers and safe and reliable enough. You don’t need to worry that you can not drive safely at night or other bad weathers due to the brake light bulb. When you apply the brakes, the tail light will shine all around 360°, which can make you and other drivers safer. If you are not sure whether your brake light bulb is still working well, you can check them by following these steps :

First, you can start your car, turn on the parking light, and then park your car on a level surface. 

Second, step away from the car and look at the tail light from a distance of about 20 feet. 

Third, if you see an even glow of light all around the bulb, then your bulb is fine. However, if you notice that the light is brighter in the center, then the bulb is getting old and it may need to be replaced soon.

Safety of 1157 brake light bulb:

Safety is the most important element for the driving. If you are a driver, you must pay attention to the safety of the car when driving. Although the brake light is an important safety equipment, many people ignore it. In fact, the brake light is a very important part of the car. The brake lights are used to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians, let them know that your car is slowing down and reduce the risk of an accident. 

The brake lights illuminate when the brakes are applied. They are usually located at the rear of the vehicle, on the rear window and on the bottom of the rear bumper. The brake lights are required by law to be a standard color, which is red or amber (yellow). To be more specific, the brake light bulb should be a 1157 brake light bulb.

Longevity of 1157 brake light bulb:

The 1157 brake light bulb is an incandescent light bulb with a medium (M3.5) base. It was introduced by General Electric in 1962 as a replacement for the 130-volt tail light bulbs of the time, which were only rated to last 30–40 hours. 

The 1157 is a popular automotive taillight bulb, although it has been largely replaced by the more efficient, longer lasting, lower voltage 194 bulb. The 1157 is also used as a turn signal and side marker light bulb. It will fit in a socket designed for the 194, but the 1157 is not rated for turn signal applications and will burn out prematurely. Discounted brake light from SuncentAuto are available online with free shipping.

The 194, however, is rated for turn signal applications, but it will not fit in a socket designed for the 1157. The 1157 is also known under the Federal Standard code FR3 or under European Norm EN524. It is designed to burn in both directions. It has a small incandescent filament, and the bulb’s large envelope gives off a bright light. The 1157 is used in brake, tail, and turn applications.

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