Difference between Spotify followers and Spotify monthly listeners!

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Spotify followers and Spotify monthly listeners are two different metrics that can be used to measure the popularity and engagement of an artist or a playlist on the platform.

Spotify followers

This metric represents the number of users who have clicked the “Follow” button on an artist or playlist’s page. When someone follows an artist or playlist, they receive updates on new releases, concerts, and other news related to the artist. Having a large number of followers is generally considered an indicator of a strong fanbase.

Spotify monthly listeners

This metric represents the number of unique listeners who have streamed an artist or playlist within a rolling 28-day period. It’s a measure of how many people are actively listening to an artist’s music, and it can be a useful metric for gauging an artist’s overall popularity and reach.

In summary, while Spotify followers show how many people are interested in keeping up with an artist or playlist, Spotify monthly listeners provide an indication of how many people are actually listening to the music. It’s worth noting that these metrics are not always directly correlated, as someone might follow an artist but not listen to their music regularly, or someone might be a frequent listener without necessarily following the artist.

How to get more Spotify followers and Spotify monthly listeners as a music artist?

As a music artist, there are several ways to increase your Spotify followers and monthly listeners. Here are some tips:

Promote your music on social media

Share your Spotify profile and your latest releases on your social media accounts. Use relevant hashtags and encourage your followers to follow your Spotify profile and add your music to their playlists.

Collaborate with other artists

Collaborating with other artists can expose your music to a wider audience and help you gain new followers and listeners. You can also create collaborative playlists with other artists and share them on your social media accounts.

Release new music regularly

Regularly releasing new music can keep your fans engaged and attract new listeners. Consider releasing singles, EPs, or albums on a consistent schedule. This is something that music artists do with complete consistency and determination. As a result, this platform turns out to be a great source of sharing the original music content.

Optimize your Spotify profile

Make sure your Spotify profile is complete and up-to-date with a professional profile picture, bio, and links to your social media accounts. Use relevant keywords in your bio to help users find your music when they search for similar artists. If you are a music artist, you have posted the original content and you have a complete profile, then you only need to buy plays on Spotify and get more Spotify followers.

Submit your music to playlists

Submit your music to relevant Spotify playlists to increase your exposure and reach new listeners. Look for playlists that feature music similar to your own and follow their submission guidelines.

Engage with your fans

Respond to comments and messages from your fans on social media and Spotify. Show your fans that you appreciate their support and build a strong connection with them.

Remember that building a following and increasing your monthly listeners on Spotify takes time and effort. Consistency, persistence, and quality music are key to success on the platform.

Summarizing Spotify followers and Spotify monthly listeners discussion 

Spotify followers and monthly listeners are important metrics because they can provide insight into the popularity and success of an artist or music act on the platform.

Followers are the number of Spotify users who have chosen to follow an artist, which means that they will receive updates on new releases, concerts, and other news related to the artist. This metric is important because it can indicate the level of engagement and loyalty of an artist’s fanbase. A high number of followers can also help an artist to gain more visibility on the platform, as followers can see an artist’s music prominently featured in their recommendations and playlists.

Monthly listeners, on the other hand, are the number of unique Spotify users who have played an artist’s songs within a given month. This metric is important because it can give an indication of an artist’s current level of popularity and how widely their music is being listened to. A high number of monthly listeners can help an artist to gain exposure on the platform, as it can result in their music being recommended to more users.

Both metrics can also be important for music industry professionals, such as record labels and talent scouts, who may use them to identify up-and-coming artists with growing fan bases and potential for commercial success.

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