Call Of Duty: Warzone – Important Tips For The Beginner Players!!!

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Call of duty: warzone actually has high system requirements and many tips and tricks to win the game. These tips will not help you in becoming fast, but they will make sure that your thinking ability, awareness, and other perspectives of your gaming side enhances. They will help you in improving your decision-making and to stay alive and not to die immediately, to stay in the game for a longer time, and to fight with their enemies. There are many catch points in this game about which the player should be aware.

In this article, there are a few tips and requirements of the system which will help you to play call of duty warzone and make your stay for a longer time in the game and will help you to avoid the small mistakes which are mainly made by the opponent players.

  • Give more priority in acquiring the load out-

This is the most important step that you should always keep in your mind. You should focus mainly on buying your own loadout rather than using weapons or gear works which are used by most of the players. You should have a sufficient amount of money so that you can directly buy lord out drop from any shop or station where it is easily available and safe. You can play as a single-player, or you can play with multiple players, but still, you should have your own loadout so that you can have your own weapons and perks of winning.

  • Though you get your own loadout, but still, you should not stop looting-

In order to stay in the Call of Duty: Warzone for a longer time, you should not stop looting and continue with that even if you have your own loadout. You should try to gather more and more cash so that you can have your own accessories like self revive, a Mask of gas, killstreak. You should aim for an armor satchel and more cash. If you have all these accessories and more cash with you, your chances of winning the game will increase tremendously.  One should make use of a warzone aimbot that will enable you to collect powerful weapons without investing extra effort in-game.

  • You should play according to your strengths-

As we all know, the warzone game is not easy and is considered one of the toughest games. Everyone can not make it through this game and win easily. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice to understand this game and to make a continuous win.

You should prioritize your time and first learn about your own style of play and invest more time in knowing about your comfort zone so that there are higher chances of winning and the game is always in your favor. Some people like to play aggressively, whereas some people like to play it smooth and calm. You can not destroy the entire group of your enemies by using just one weapon or in the shortest span of time. This game demands high practice and much more investment of time to know about your own style and strength.

  • If you are not sure that you will eliminate the enemy, you should not shoot until then-

You should not make this mistake, as it is very commonly made by everyone and it decreases their chances of winning the game. You should not shoot your enemy as soon as you see them on your screen. This is most likely to alert your enemy and will give them a chance to change their position and hide themselves.

Unless you are very sure about your shoot or unless you are highly experienced, you should not immediately shoot your enemy. You should make sure that your enemy does not have proper space to hide and there is no a backup player or teammates who will protect them.

  • Your chances of winning will be increased if you land on the right spot-

As it is important and highly recommended to be skillful and accurate while you are shooting, it is equally beneficial if you choose the best place where you can land so that your chances of winning will increase many times. You can either choose a busy place like a hospital or a less crowded place like the tops on the edges. Nothing is better than a warzone aimbot that will help you in earning a considerable amount of important resources in the game.

  • Use gas so that you can move around instead of directly going to the center-

Rather than moving in a straightforward manner which is done by most of the players, you should try to move yourself and rotate in a circular wheel-like motion so that you can be prevented from being noticed by the enemies, and your chances of survival will increase. To move in such a manner, you can use gas so that you remain unnoticed by your enemies and continue your circular or spiral movement without any trouble or being opposed.

  • Try to complete all your contracts-

If you complete all your contracts, this will improve your skills and will help you to get a lot of money, gear, and many other accessories which are required in this game. This will help you to win more bonuses and rewards, cash, and weapons.  Make sure that you are using the warzone aimbot that will be helpful in the game.

  • You should not revive your teammate unless you are very sure about it and you feel safe-

You should be very careful and highly alert while making your teammate revives; ask your chances of being killed by your enemy a very high that time. There is a different type of sound when you revive your teammate, which is easily recognized by the enemy. You should make sure that the person who killed your team made is dead or is not near while you are reviving him.

  • You should always remain stick with your team-

You should not make the mistake of being separated from your teammates in order to fight with any of your enemies alone. You should plan your game in a systematic manner and let your teammates know about your strategy so that you all together can defeat your enemies easily.

Additionally, all these tips will help you a lot in improving your skills and ability to win this game and sharpen your mind.

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