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licoreria cerca de mi

A licoreria cerca de mi is a retail establishment that sells prepackaged alcohol, often in the form of bottles. It may be a separate section of a supermarket, an individual shop, or, in some countries, part of a drive-through alcoholic retail outlet.

Etymology and idiom vary across regions, but in general the term ‘liquor store’ is used to describe a retail establishment that predominantly sells beer, wine, or spirits (depending on region and local idiom) which is intended to be consumed off the premises. These stores may be referred to as off-licenses, off-sale, bottle shops, bottle-o, or by other similar terms in the UK and Ireland.

Liquor stores are typically licensed to sell alcoholic beverages and must be staffed by trained staff, who can answer any questions about the products they stock. Some have a ‘tasting room’, where customers can try out samples of alcoholic beverages.


All provinces except Alberta have a government-owned liquor retail sector with varying levels of quasi-monopoly status. In addition to government-owned liquor stores, some are also privately owned.

Quebec – Only the provincially-owned Society des alcohols du Québec may sell alcoholic beverages, including spirits and wine. Its wine store network (depanneur, or corner stores), supermarkets, and specialist wine boutiques are the main places to buy alcoholic beverages.

Ontario – In the past, only the government-owned LCBO could sell liquor, but over the last five years, it has allowed a limited number of private agency stores to operate in rural areas where LCBO does not have a location.

Saskatchewan – Until the 2010s, only hotels and government-owned stores were allowed to sell beer, wine, and liquor. But since then, the provincial Saskatchewan Liquor Board has licensed private stores in urban areas as well.

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The US

In the United States, alcoholic beverages are regulated by state laws. The twenty-first amendment to the United States Constitution allows states to regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages, and to define what types of alcoholic beverages must be sold in specialty liquor stores and which can be sold elsewhere.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, alcoholic beverages are regulated by the state, which must determine whether it is lawful for a particular drink to be sold at a particular retail outlet. In Australia, a liquor store is a type of retail outlet that primarily sells beer, wine, or spirits which is intended to be consumed off the premises.

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