4 Tips to Boosting Small Business Sales by Attending Local Markets

4 Tips to Boosting Small Business Sales by Attending Local Markets

Flea markets, craft fairs, festivals and street bazaars form part of many communities. While some are enormous events scheduled annually, others happen weekly and even monthly, drawing crowds from far and wide.

That said, many local small businesses often use these markets. In addition to a well-stocked stall, all that’s really needed is a salesperson with the right attitude. Many stall owners even decide to use the embroidery services Sydney companies use to ensure their sales staff dress the part and are clearly identifiable thanks to branded outfits. How do you optomise such a sales campaign though?

Pointers to Boost Your Market Sales and Expose Your Business

Many people have the misconception that markets are only for people selling a few homemade items or baked goods. The reality is that local markets have become an ideal environment for small business owners to advertise and even test response to new products.

If you’ve been thinking of joining the next market in your area, then this article is definitely for you. Consider the following guidelines.

1.      Choose the Right Market

The first point revolves around choosing the right market. Ideally, you don’t want to go to any and all markets—unless you have the time and don’t mind paying the stall fees and salary for the staff involved each time.

If you only have the budget for one or two stall appearances, it’s crucial to choose markets that will expose your product to the right audience. For instance, if you’re selling products that appeal to craft and hobby enthusiasts, then attending craft markets is a must.

2.      Look the Part

Have you ever been at a market, found something interesting and then spent a few minutes trying to identify the person who works there? In such cases, with many stalls often offering similar products, it may be preferable for customers to simply move on to the next stall.

Everyone working at the stall should be easy to identify and should also convey the professionalism of your business. That can easily be done by opting for corporate uniforms Sydney companies often use to impress. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your staff need to be dressed in a suit and tie in the hot sun. T-shirts or polo shirts with your logo embroidered on make for practical, comfortable and stylish outfits.

3.      Create an Inviting Stall

When you’re setting up your stall you want it to represent your brand and business in a positive and professional light. This will give potential customers a peek into your business, the products you sell and the type of service on offer. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re setting up your stall space:

  • Include cool lighting fixtures that don’t make the space hot and uncomfortable
  • Decorate the stall with the same type of marketing that’s on your website or in your store, so customers will easily associate the stall with other of your marketing material they’ve come across
  • Display products at different heights to draw attention, thanks to contrast
  • Place your display table in front of inexpensive, plain backdrops to highlight the products
  • Have a board or sign that shows your brand logo, slogan and contact numbers
  • Provide business cards on the table for potential customers to easily get your contact details
  • If your product can be worn (such as jewellery, make-up, scarves or hats) be sure to have a mirror for potential consumers to see how the products looks on them
  • Have a bin close by to prevent your stall from looking untidy—your team can easily throw away empty food or drink containers that people leave behind
  • Invest in a handheld card machine to make payments convenient and easy
  • Be sure to have a small cash tin with enough change for cash payments
  • Have a charged mobile device (preferably a tablet) that potential customers can use to view your website to see additional products on offer

4.      Engage With Customers

In addition to having a salesperson in the stall, it’s a good idea for the business owner or manager to be there too. This creates a wonderful opportunity to engage with locals and potential customers.

Especially speak to people looking at products but not making a purchase. Doing this will help you determine why they aren’t purchasing. Is the product too expensive? Not enough colour options? Knowing why customers don’t make the purchase will help you improve the product, price or marketing.

Encourage visitors to join your social media pages to see future promotional offers.

Final Thought

Displaying your products at a local stall is one of the best ways to engage with local people who may not have been aware that your brand exists. While not every encounter will result in a confirmed sale, telling potential customers about your product, website and even store location can draw future customers to your door. It’s also an excellent opportunity to add new contacts to your email marketing list and social media pages. In addition to that, it’s a fun day out that may also inspire new products or different marketing approaches!

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