Skincare for men

skincare for men

Skincare is often assumed to be something associated with women, but who wrote that rule?

Men also need to be careful about their skin; there skin also needs just as much care and attention, and for the outdoorsy kinds, even more perhaps.

One deterrent in following the skincare regimen is that skincare is conceived as a complicated notion, that requires jumping through a lot of hoops, but it does not have to be.

Pursuing basic skincare regimen is something all men should be aiming for. However, those with more complicated skin conditions need to consult their Dermatologist in Islamabad for treatment and care plan for their skin.

Basic skincare routine for men

First, determine your skin type

Before starting off any skincare regimen, it is important to first ascertain the skin type. Knowing it is important for not just finding the right products, but the care protocols might then vary accordingly.

Men with normal skin can use a wider range of products; they are lucky because those with sensitive skin can only rely on a small subset of products, since otherwise, their skin can breakout in rashes and zits. They might also experience burns, redness, itching when they use products other than those their skin can tolerate.

The concentration of oil is also an important factor; those with dry skin have different challenges, and their skin care routine needs to cater to adding hydration and moisture to their skin.

Those with oily skin, as the name suggests, have hyperactive oil glands. Too much oil then poses the risk of acne and breakouts, and their skincare needs to revolve around oil control.

Another type of skin is a combination skin, in which some of the area of the face is oil, like the t-zone, and the rest of the skin is dry.

One way to check if your skin is oily, dry or combination, check the gleam on your face. If your entire face is shiny, then you have oily skin, or if just the t-zone is shiny, then it is combination.

Step 2, cleanse

Cleansing is important, as it helps in getting rid of the dirt and debris on the face. Otherwise, it can lead to the pores getting clogged, and breakouts. So, make sure that you wash your face in the morning and at night.

Do not, however, use a bar of soap for cleaning your face. Soaps are too harsh for skin and can strip off the natural oil of the face. So, use a mild, foaming cleaner. If you have sensitive skin, then you can go for a cream cleanser. Those with oily skin should go for an oil control cleanser.

Step 3, moisturizer

A solid moisturizer is a very strong tool. Your skin needs to be hydrated to remain healthy. A good moisturizer helps in repairing the water barrier of the skin.

Dry skin not only presents with the texture problems, but it also can cause the breaking of the skin, which leads to pathogen attacks and wound formation. So, make sure to keep your skin moisturized.

Step 4, SPF is a must

Sunlight contains radiation that damages the skin, causes premature wrinkle formation, increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it is important that everyone use SPF.

Use sunscreen before going out of the house. Since it breaks down, so, you also need to reapply it after every two hours.

Remember to take care of your facial hair

Facial hair also needs care. If you are clean shaved, then you must use a good shaving cream. Make sure that the razor is not blunt, as it will not offer a good shave. To prevent ingrowth hair, try to exfoliate your face. Use an aftershave with antiseptic properties so that the cuts are not infected.

For those with a beard, dermatologists recommend using hair oil for grooming and keeping the beard soft and tame.

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